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Bamboo Hutor - the eco-hotel in Sochi

In Sochi the first unique what hotel - the Bamboo Khutor opened. A cozy bamboo bosk on a private site with shoddy constructions of container type for life. The owner and the ideologist of the project - Valery Vakulenko - one of pioneers of ideas of ecodevelopment in Russia.

Valery Vakulenko bore idea to construct what hotel in Sochi more than 5 years and here at last in the spring of 2014 it opened a small complex of constructions on the private site in Adler in Imeretinsky Valley in 300-ah meters from Mzymta River Embankment and in 300-ah meters from the Black Sea.

Shoddy constructions - collapsible transferable containers are established on support without the base. Only 10 studios. Are established at each other in two floors. Containers stand in dense thickets of a bamboo which provides a fine shadow and a cool in hot days. Everywhere surprising flower beds and places for cultivation of vegetables and berries are made of foozles, bedside tables, boxes and other handy materials. Sounds strange, and looks very beautifully and laconically there is also an open area for occupations by yoga and sport. Available bicycles for walks. The general verandah for a sit-round gathering and acceptance of food and tea is providently closed by a transparent grid from mosquitoes. All constructions are equipped with berths, the minimum set of furniture, shower cabins and a bathroom. Birds, especially nest in upper courses of a bamboo in the winter during their migrations through Imeretinsky Valley. An important ecological element of a site are the raised terrace paths from a board (not to trample down the soil). Heating and hot water meanwhile on gas, but in the next month will be established solar collectors.

The beautiful vacation spot on the Black Sea in subtropical climate. Around there is all necessary infrastructure of the resort town: shops, open theater, restaurants and cafe, beaches, parks, playgrounds, beautiful pedestrian streets and many other things. In 2 kilometers from a site there is an Olympic Park. From a site is in 300-ah meters well-known and one of the most beautiful ancient landscape subtropical parks - Southern Cultures Park.
For Sochi this what hotel is unique. His idea, the concept is expressed by a formula "EcoSanaClub" which assumes that main goals are:
1) Harmony with the Nature;
2) Improvement;
3) Comfortable environment for communication and useful pastime.

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354340, Krasnodar Krai,
Sochi, Stanislavsky Street 39
Detailed information can be received by phones +79643978196,+7(812)9-333-500

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